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Readings, Workshops, Camps & Activities that nurture conscious kids. 

We curate meaningful experiences to support parents, educational institutes and the community at large to raise a generation of kind, mindful, responsible and empathetic global citizens.

Our Experiences

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'Staury' Reading and Hydroponics Farm Tour

Go on an exclusive adventure in a high-tech hydroponics farm! Learn about air pollution and the importance of trees and plants as an important and sustainable food source!

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A Comprehensive Environment-themed Camp

Inspire children to take action against air, water and land pollution through stories, songs and hands-on learning activities such as upcycling craft, games and planting.

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Bite-sized Environment-themed Workshop

1-hour workshop with story reading and a reinforcing activity, focusing on one of the following themes: air, water or land pollution.


Past Events

Little Green Farmers Parent-Child Programme | Event Highlights ๐ŸŒฑโœจ
Little Green Warrior Camp October 2021
Little Green Warrior Camp September 2021
Little Green Warrior Camp August 2021
DinoStaury Eco Warrior Summer Camp
Environment Series Sleeve with Books 2.j

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