Dino'Staury' Session 

 & Hands on

Planting Activity


DATE & TIME May 8th  | 10 am - 11:30 am

VENUE Sprouts Hub 102 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159562

AGES 3.5 - 7 

SGD 25 - 50

The most educational-fun your little one can have in a one-of-a-kind story telling session! In collaboration with Singapore's urban farm 'Sprout Hub', The Huddle farmers, and Susgain, this popular, eco-friendly event is designed to inculcate the importance of trees and how they provide us with clean air. 


What to expect from a Dinostaury expert-approved staury-telling session: 

  • An introduction to air pollution in the comfort of Sprout Hub's Podium

  • A lively story about trees and the environment in an easy-to-understand concept

  • Interactive game to reinforce the message of caring for our environment 

  • A fun colour-in worksheet on mother nature 

  • Gardening & farming with a City Sprout Urban Farmer (Take home plant)

  • Urban farm tour


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(Choice of 1 book (Dina's Helps Uncle Tree) or the 'I Love My Mother Earth' trilogy)

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Environment Series Sleeve with Books 2.j
Alphabet Cubes

Suitable for 3 to 7 year olds

Printed on PEFC certified paper

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Expert approved content


Includes activities that reinforce


Teaches on air, land & water pollution

Each book includes...

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