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DinoStaury is first of its kind series of educational toolkits which teach integral values and life skills through stories and meaningful activities.

Our environment series focuses on caring for our planet - the most foundational values our children need!

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The Problem We're Solving

Our worlds today are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Having a strong foundation embedded in virtues and values has the capacity to shape resilient future generations and therefore, communities.

DinoStaury’s content helps us consciously retain values & life skills which can;

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Promote peace and harmony

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Shape character, identity and a sense of belonging


Empower children to practice social acceptance & tolerance


Inspire children to partake in community progress and welfare


Develop, support and sustain resilient communities

Our team is a collection of, authors, illustrators, early childhood experts and parents with a common passion; to make our stories and content meaningful along with being engaging.

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