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Raise Conscious 
Children with our 'stauries' and workshops.

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Limited Edition Gift Set by Label of Love & DinoStaury

Introducing our

I Love My Mother Earth Trilogy

This series of 3 story + activity books is designed to instil empathy and empowerment around climate action. Dedicated to our next generation, our content is curated for children in their formative years to support them inculcate the value of care for our environment early on.

Your little one will discover the importance of caring for our environment in these clever, fun tales that make the concepts of land, water and air pollution easy-to-understand!

Alphabet Cubes

Suitable for 3 to 7 year olds

Printed on PEFC certified paper

First Prize Badge

Expert approved content


Includes activities that reinforce


Teaches on air, land & water pollution

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Big Impacts on Our Little Readers


The series as inspired Maya to be an advocate for protecting our environment. The books deliver complex concepts in an easy to understand, fun way.


Her understanding and love for nature has blossomed. Reading the books and brainstorming on how we can help nature is our routine bedtime activity!

Karishma Dalal

Mother of 4 year old Maya 

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